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Content personalisation on the basis of customers profile and his activity

Synerise register various activities of your customers to deliver even better solutions for your marketing. In customer’s profile you will be able to see, whether he visited your page, login or logout to your app, what types of campaigns did he get recently, if he opened or clicked emails you send to him, to which tag or segment was he assigned and many more. What is more you can create tags and credit them to particular customers, create segments of customers who have similar activities or create a smart list from customers who seemingly have nothing to do with each other.


  • your messages will be less irritating because you will adapt marketing content on the basis of customers’ interests
  • you will have the possibility to react properly for different actions taken by customers, which can increase sales
  • you will increase engagement of your customers by providing better and personalized communication

Synerise Solutions

In Campaign section you can create various types of campaigns. Choose PUSH, SMS, e-mail campaigns and a lot more. Regardless of which communication channel you choose, you can always define your recipients. Choose appropriate segment, tags or smart list you prepared earlier in settings.



In Synerise you can automate your actions to save your time and gain better results. To create a Customer Journey go to Automation where you can easily set, which action has to be taken after specific customer’s activity. Just choose appropriate triggers, conditions and actions, click it twice to set details, and just click on the arrow next to selected symbol to connect it with another one and define a relation between two elements.


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