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Creating campaigns for customers who have met the specific conditions (demographic, behavioral)

When you run your own business, marketing campaigns becomes your everyday life. It’s a way to communicate with your customers, but also great opportunity for sale. That is why it is important to use tool which make the design of the campaign easier and more efficient by wise targeting.


  • by using various communication channels you will always get to your customers with the appropriate offer and at the right time
  • you will increase your efficiency by creating various campaigns and combing them together
  • creating campaigns for customers who meet certain conditions helps to prepare more personalized offer and increase sales

Synerise solution

Synerise offers a wide range of campaign creation. Look what types of marketing actions you can take:

  1. Communication
    • Beacon Campaign
    • PUSH
    • SMS
    • E-mail
    • Dynamic content
    • Landing page
    • Mobile app screen
  2. Loyalty and engagement
    • Scoring
    • Newsfeed
    • Promotions
    • Stamp cards



You can read about each type of campaign in our Help Center.

To prepare the best campaign, you need to choose appropriate recipients. With an enhanced CRM in Synerise you can choose your recipients, on the basis of both demographic or behavioral conditions. Do you want to direct mail campaigns to women who visited your store in last month? With Synerise, you can do it. Create a segment or a smart list of customers who meet the conditions that interest you and choose it in your campaign.


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