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Creating email template with dynamic content

If you want to provide to your customers content which accurately reflect theirs needs or preferences you should entertain using dynamic content in your marketing strategy. Dynamic content may apply to recommended products, last seen or present products from customer’s abandoned cart.


  • You deliver content tailored to customers’ needs
  • Dynamic content can increase your campaign’s CTR

Synerise solution

In Synerise email creator, adding dynamic content is extremely easy. All you have to do is drag appropriate element onto canvas. Check out instruction below.

  1. If you want to prepare an email template with dynamic content just go to the Synerise Campaign module, choose the Creator & Builders and option E-mail from the left vertical menu
  2. Click “Create e-mail template” button (right, upper corner)
  3. In the STRUCTURE section you can choose blocks which will divide your template into different sections. Just drag a particular part of the structure and drop it onto canvas
  4. In the CONTENT section, select “Dynamic content”
  5. Click on the dynamic content you placed in the template. Define type of content you want to use. You can build a template that will contain products from categories: Abandoned shopping card, Last product viewed or Recommended product
  6. Remember: Only one of these categories can be used in one template
  7. When everything is done just add the template’s name and click the Save button in the upper-right corner of the screen

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