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Creating SMS campaign

SMS is mobile channel that offers the widest reach possible and it’s very good way to contact with your consumers. Synerise, thanks to possibility of integration with SMS sending applications, can help you to organize and effectively manage SMS campaigns. You can create SMS campaign and send messages to whole customers’s base or you can target it to specific group of customers: segment, tag or smart list.


  • all mobile phones and smartphones are SMS enabled without installing special application so using this channel you will be able to reach to the biggest group of customers
  • you will increase customers loyalty, because you can send them a short message with attractive content (coupons, hyperlinks etc.)
  • you will be able to prepare best lead nurturing campaign if you set SMS as action in Automation rule, and deliver your message in the most appropriate time

Synerise solution:

In Synerise you can easily prepare SMS Campaign: write dedicated message, choose its recipients and set shipping time. You can do it all in two steps in the Synerise Campaign section in SMS messages.

First create new message, to do it simply set its status (Active or Draft), give it a name and write your text. Remember that you can include in your message coupons, hyperlinks, etc. In second step define your recipients (whole customers’s base, appropriate segment, tag or smart list prepared earlier in settings) and set shipping time. You can send your campaign immediately or choose specific date.


Remember that to be able to send SMS campaign you need to integrate Synerise with SMS sending system – you can do it in Settings -> Integration. Simply add user name or e-mail and password, and switch on the Connect button on the right. At the end save your settings.


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