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Database segmentation – demographic parameters

With Synerise you can simply use segmentation feature to group customer in your database, by their demographic attributes, e.g. sex, age, city, country, address, phone number.

The example list of attributes

  • firstname – select only people whose name is e.g. Andrew, or whose name starts with the letter B, (and many more combinations)
  • lastname – as in the case of the parameter firstname
  • country – select only people who live in the particular city (or people who don’t live there)
  • e-mail – select only people whose email is e.g.  or whose email address starts with the letter b, or is created on a specific domain, (and many more combinations)
  • phone number – select only people whose phone number is e.g. 123456789  or whose phone number starts with the digit 6, (and many more combinations)
  • zip code – select only people whose zip code is e.g. 12-345  or whose zip code starts with the digit 7, (and many more combinations)
  • company name – select only people who work for the company, which name is BiG Company Ltd. or starts with letter M (and many more combinations)
  • city –  as in the case of the parameter company name
  • sex – select only people who work for the company, which name is BiG Company Ltd. or starts with letter M (and many more combinations)
  • region – as in the case of the parameter company name
  • sddress – as in the case of the parameter company name
  • custom data
  • device type – select only people who use e.g. tablets or PC or smartphone
  • customer anonymity – select only customers, who are identified (email address known) or anonymous (identified only by cookies files)


  • it allows you to prepare campaigns dedicated for specific area – e.g. particular city – personalized information is always better than commercial addressed to everyone
  • it allows you to better understand customers’ needs and prepare personalized offers  – e.g. show different products for men and women, or for people living in big cities and small towns
  • it gives you a great chance to increase the profits of the industry – dedicated advertisement is less annoying so it convinces to purchase more efficiently
  • it increase customer loyalty – it is always better to show your customer advertisements containing products, they are interested in – in this situation they are more likely to trust that you know their needs
  • it optimize campaign’s results – indicators like OR, CTR will increase; it is simply result of growing trust in your brand and product

Synerise solution

In Synerise you can create segments in two ways:

  • In CRM module – click Create segment button above customers list.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-01 o 17.12.32

  • In Settings – open Segments section and click Plus button at the top of the page. If you have not prepared any segment yet, you will also see Add new one button on the centre of the page.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-01 o 17.14.44

Both methods lead you to the same window with settings, where you need to fill appropriate fields to create a segment. First enter its name. Then decide how many conditions will your segment contain. If you want to create multi-variable segment, decide if all of conditions have to be fulfilled or at least one of them. Next add from the list Customer data condition and choose appropriate customer data, e.g. sex.


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