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Database segmentation with logical operators for conditions to be met

Both, behavioral and demographics segmentation, can be run on the basis of one or several conditions. In second option, conditions can be connected with two types of logical operators:

  • AND (conjunction) – is used to create segment which contains several complementary conditions; all of them have to be fulfilled to match this segment
  • OR (disjunction) – is used to create segment that contains several alternative conditions and at least one of them has to be fulfilled to match this segment


  • it allows you to create more sophisticated campaigns – with AND operator you can select very narrow group of people from your customer base and hence send them more personalized offer
  • it increase customer loyalty – you will understand their needs and send them appropriate messages so you will be more trustworthy
  • it will save your time – once you create your segments and it’s updated automatically
  • it will increase your profits – personalization allows to prepare more efficient advertisement

Synerise solution

In Synerise when you want to create multiple segment you only need to choose right conditions and select appropriate button which will connect them. In Synerise All conditions = AND operator,  At least one of the conditions = OR operator. AND is set by default.

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To create multiple segment those examples can be helpful:

  • when you want to create segment of women, living in Warsaw, who made a purchase in your e-store last week you need to select All conditions button
  • if you want to create segment of people who have ever visited your store in Krakow or in Warsaw you need to select At least one of the conditions button

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