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Email campaign reports (basic indicators: CTR, open rate and conversion)

In Synerise you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. General report from every campaign give you the insight into every marketing activity – let you to see strengths and weaknesses of your activities.

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To find statistics of running or finished campaigns choose the Campaign category from the menu bar on the left side. Then click “E-mail campaigns” and choose one from the list. When you hover on the specific campaign you can see some general information – send date, status, number of sent messages, how many of them were delivered, how many had been opened, CTR and hard bounce.

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To see more statistics – click the chosen one.

All statistics are divided into following modules:

  • Campaign analytics

There you can find general information about campaign. On the upper-right side of the screen you can find the precise send date. On the top of the screen you can choose if you want to see hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly statistics (it depends on the campaign duration).

On the graph are marked few types of data:

newsletter click – how many users click on the button in mailing

newsletter open – how many users open the mail

newsletter unsubscribe – how many users unsubscribed from the newsletter/mailing list after receiving it

hard bounce – email that has bounced back to the sender undelivered without having been accepted by the recipient’s mail server

soft bounce – email that has bounced back to the sender undelivered after it has already been accepted by the recipient’s mail server

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  • Data points

In this section, you can find general daily statistics for the campaign. In the table you can see the number of clicks, number of opened messages, unsubscribed mails during the campaign, hard and soft bounce.

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  • Statistics 

There are general information about campaign.

On the graph you can find:

  • the number of all sent messages
  • CTR (click through rate) – is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view the message
  • OR (open rate) – is a measure of how many people on an email list open a particular email campaign

Below you can find more statistics necessary to better analyze campaign effectiveness:

  • unsubscribed emails during the campaign
  • date of last opened mail
  • number of all unique interactions (unique users who opened the message)
  • number of all clicks in the campaign (it is not the same as all unique clicks, because some users can click in the link two times or more)
  • number of all unique opens (unique users who clicked the link)
  • number of all opens it is not the same as all unique opens, because some users can open the message two times or more)

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  • Mailbox Analytics

There you can see analytics of mailbox used by recipients. From this section you can get information which mailboxes are the most common in your target group. It can help you to better adapt your mailing to specific mailboxes.

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