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Email template builder. How to prepare e-mail templates (newsletter, newsletter confirmation etc.)

Creating attractive e-mail message is easy in Synerise E-mail Builder. It is an intuitive drag-&-drop editor. In few easy steps you are able to create great-looking email templates for your campaigns. Choose its size, fonts and background colour, build its structure and fill boxes with appropriate content: texts, images, buttons or links to social media. Adding things is as easy as removing them and every part is fully editable.

Key elements of Synerise E-mail Builder

  • body – here you will find general settings of your template, like its width, background color, content area background color, default font and link color
  • structure here you can choose blocks which will divide your template for different sections. You may choose block where you can put only one element in a line or even four smaller elements
  • content – here you can choose elements which will fill structure blocks:
    • text – area where you can write text
    • image – place for graphics
    • button – call to action tool
    • divider – horizontal lines used to separate content
    • social –  social media icons with links which direct to your company profiles
    • dynamic content – content which will dynamically change depending on particular customer
    • HTML – email composition with your own HTML code


  • it is easy to create professional newsletter templates even if you don’t have a background in graphics or experience in IT – you only need to drag and drop appropriate elements
  • it uses RWD so every template will adapt automatically to the screen of every device, which your customer uses, no matter if it’s smartphone or desktop
  • it saves your time – once created e-mail template can be edited or reused any time you want

How to build a template

You will find e-mail editor in Campaign/Creators&Builders section in the menu on the left. Click Plus button right next to E-mail in the menu or Add new one button at the top of the page to open the Editor. 

First add its title to differentiate your templates on a list. Next set general settings of your mailing (like email template width) in Body section.

email buildder2

Then choose the structure of your template. You need to drag particular part of the structure and drop it into your workspace.

email builder3

Next you can fill it with different content. To do it choose appropriate content block from the left menu, and place it in the preferred part of the structure. It can be block with text, image, CTA buttons, divider, social media, dynamic content (like abandoned shopping card), or block for HTML code. You can edit every part of choosen content.

email buider4

When you click any part of your structure in workspace you will see three additional buttons that will allow to move chosen element, delete it or duplicate.

email builder5

Once you create your template you can preview how does it look like on mobile and desktop. When your template is ready click Save button on the upper right corner and use it later in Campaigns.

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