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History of interactions with customer (website and mobile app)

Synerise will collect data about all customers, but it can be visible in customer’s profile only when user will agree to process personal data. Then you can find all historical data  about this customer.

Moreover, these data are divided into few categories which make easier to find important data.


  • thanks to Synerise you have access to the full history of customer’s activities on the website and on the mobile application. Everything you can find in one place  – on customer’s card

Synerise solution

Choose the customer from CRM list. On customer’s card you can find basic information on the left side: join date, last activity date, channels of current communication and scoring (if you have loyalty program).

Below you can find added tags and contact information – email address and eventually address.

Then you see geolocalize information.

On every customer’s card you can find additional information – it depends on your settings.

Zrzut-ekranu-2016-08-03-o-13.23.05 History of interactions with customer (website and mobile app)

The history of interactions is on the right side. On customer’s profile in the upper right side on the screen, you can find the list which divides them into a few categories.

You can choose from the following categories:

Zrzut-ekranu-2016-08-03-o-13.23.05 History of interactions with customer (website and mobile app)

  • all activities
  • mobile activity – activity on the mobile phone (in your application or in the mobile version of your website)
  • web activity – activity on your website
  • form filled in – information from forms which have been filled in by user
  • added notes – here we can add notes about this customer
  • visited pages – on your website
  • visited localizations – offline stores
  • shopping – list of bought products
  • cart – all products added to cart – not only purchased products
  • automation – what kind of automation was used on this customer
  • coupons – if customer gets any coupons
  • campaigns – if customer participates in any online campaign and what was the effect

What is more – in customer’s card we can choose activities from the list:

Zrzut-ekranu-2016-08-03-o-13.23.05 History of interactions with customer (website and mobile app)

  • statistics – there we can find some additional information about customer – geolocalization, IP, address, segments and his account balance
  • tasks – we can create task on this customer
  • notes – we can add notes to this customer eg. alert that we have to contact with this user
  • scoring – a number of customer’s points (if we have active scoring)
  • message – we can quickly contact with this customer and send him a personal message.

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