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Import of customers database (CSV)

With Synerise you can keep all customers’ contacts in one place – it is very important for your business. What’s more, you don’t have to worry that you will loose customers’s details acquired in other systems because Synerise enable you to import contacts from external CSV file.


  • you will be able to easily gather all contacts in one base and be able to adjust communication to every customer
  • you will save your time and money because you will not loose customers acquired in other systems
  • you will be able to prepare special campaigns for imported customers because you can appropriately tag them while importing

Synerise solution

You can easily import customers database  in Synerise CRM by clicking Import icon at the top of the page (next to the Plus icon). You need to choose appropriate CSV file, and fill fields below. Details how to import customer base step by step you can find here.What is really important for your business, you can add marketing agreements for imported customers and differentiate them from other customers using special tags.


In Synerise Dashboard you can see how does your customer base grow and find out how many customers come from import in the comparison with other sources: mobile app, web mobile, web desktop.


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