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Lead generation through registration in application

If you want to improve your marketing efforts you need to reach customers with the widest range of marketing actions. To do it you need to turn anonymous customers to identified one – then you will be able to prepare them more types of campaigns which meets their needs. One way to gain new leads is to offer a mobile application.


  • mobile solutions are becoming increasingly popular, that’s why you can easily get new leads
  • you can better customize content to customer’s expectations
  • with application you can send notifications to its users directly

Synerise solution

In Synerise e-mail is unique customers ID and it allows to determine customers identity.

There are two ways to identify anonymous users (ie. get his e-mail address) in application.

  • First, when customers download your application at the same time it provides their e-mail.
  • Second, when customers download your application and they need to fill out the registration form and insert their data, included of course e-mail address.

The method depends entirely on the application provider.

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