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Lead generation on website (forms)

Tracking Codes embedded to your website allow you to see anonymous customers in Synerise. To change this anonymous traffic into leads you need to track forms on your website. Capturing forms is very important, as the data used there will automatically update the anonymous customers’s information and turn them into a known contact.

List of parameters Synerise recognises:

  • name
  • phone
  • company
  • email address
  • house/ apartment number
  • sex
  • street
  • surename
  • tax identification number
  • zip code
  • country
  • consent to receive newsletters
  • general consent to receive marketing information
  • product opinion
  • product rating
  • registration


  • properly tagged forms enable the collection of data directly into the CRM Synerise where you can properly manage the collected lead
  • you can set different types of forms on your website and collect various contact details to prepare several types of marketing campaigns and reach your customers with the best advertisement

Synerise solution

To collect data from forms first you need to add Tracking Codes to your website. Detailed information how to do it you’ll find in Synerise API. Next, to identify your leads, you need to tag your forms properly. To do it you need to add data-synerise param to:

  • <form> – it will define the type of the tracked form (use it to distinguish forms),
  • and to every <input> in that form – it means that you need to tag every field of your form by setting appropriate values in data-synerise param.

If you want to recognise customers you should have at least one form with data-synerise=”email” param, without that every customer in Synerise will be shown as anonymous.

More about adding tags to your forms you can find here.

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