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Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking clients in order to determine their sales-readiness. You score leads based on the interest they show in your business, they are current in the buying cycle, and their fit in regards to your business.


  • Lead scoring helps you know whether prospects need to be fast-tracked to sales or developed with lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring is essential to strengthen your revenue cycle and effectively drive more ROI

Synerise solution

In the middle of the screen will appear a list of previously created scoring rules. You can modify a rule (by clicking its name) or create a new one. If you want to create a new rule just click  campaigns, and find section “Loyalty and engagement”.

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Define the parameters of a new rule and choose an action on the basis of which the points will be assigned to particular leads. It’s necessary to set the type (e.g. point limits) and value of scoring (the number of points that are added for performing a particular action).

  • Points for the purchase of product or service
  • Points for the average value of the shopping cart
  • Points issued for a specified amount (eg. 100 zł)
  • Points for the purchase of specific product groups / categories of products
  • Points for entry to a specific page, or browse specific products
  • Points for telephone, e-mail contact, contact chat
  • Points for newsletter signup
  • Negative points for unsubscribing from our newsletter
  • Points for adding a product Cart
  • Points for Question about the product
  • Points for the search phrase in a search engine
  • Points for open emailing etc.

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