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Manage the projects – All conversations and files stored in one place

Task is a toll which help you to manage your projects and team and keep all important data connected with your current work in one place.

In task module you can easily manage the project and communicate with your team. This module has many useful options which can be really helpful, among them:

  • Control Permission – you can choose who will get permission to see specific task

more: Manage task permition

  • Delegate task – you can delegate the responsible person for every task

more: Delegate task

  • Simple TAGs – you can add tags to every task

more: TAG task – grouping and organizing tasks

  • Mention @someone – you can add to specific task another person and catch her/his attention.

more: Mention @someone in task

  • Next action – you can add special priority to specific tasks.

more: Next Action – Mark the most important tasks

  • File sharing – you can share documents with all people which are working currently on specific task.

more: File sharing – possibility to add documents to specific task and download it


  • you have all files, messages etc. connected with specific task – in one place
  • you eliminate the big amount of  e-mails and centralize communication with your team using task module
  • using Task you can communicate with every member of your team, at any time and any place

Synerise solution

You can find TASK module in the menu on the left side. TASK consist of max. three columns – in the first one you can see the list of all your projects, in the next one you will find tasks assigned to chosen project. When you click specific task you will find task description in the third column.

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