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Manage your work – create project, task, set task priority, set deadline

You can easily manage your work and projects, give permissions to your team, and set all important data about your task.


  • you can set all important data about every project, thanks to that – you have all necessary information in one place
  • no matter on how many issues you are working at the moment, you can create different projects and give permission to them to different people

Synerise solution

In task module you are able to create tasks (small issues) and projects – folder with issues connected with one topic.

To create the project you have to click on “settings” (left down corner) and choose “TASK” and “Projects”. Then click icon plus and fill the form. You have to:

  • choose the project name,
  • choose the project title (description),
  • choose the leader of this project,
  • add people to team (when you click this box, you can see the list of all users of your system, then you can choose from the list people which will work on this project,
  • project stakeholders ,
  • add description,
  • add  the beginning of the project and the deadline (when you click the camera icon you can choose the correct date from the calendar.

When you finish – click blue button save on the right side.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-08-03 o 12.50.48

Then, you can find your new project on the list in task module.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-01 o 17.09.15

In every project you can create tasks connected with this issue. To create new task – choose the correct project and add the name of the task in box in the upper part of the screen.

zał 15 a

You can automatically add TAG to your task to put them in order.

  • More: TAG task – grouping and organizing tasks

Every task consist of the elements:

Priority – you can choose the priority of every task – you can choose one from three options: high, normal and low,

Assigned to – you choose person responsible for this task,

Status – you can choose in which stage is the project

  • More: Changing status of task

Progress – you can write down the estimated time for this task and later add worked time to find out if the work on this task last too long.

Due date – here, you can set the deadline,

TAG – you can add tag here to distinguish task and divide them into categories,

Description – here you can add description of the task.
zał 15 e

Additionally, you can add subtask – if the one main task consists of few smaller. To create subtask you have to click the second tab.

zał 15 f

You can share files with your team and add them directly during creating the new task. to this end, choose the third tab, click “upload the files” and choose the file from your computer. You can also drag and drop the file.

zał. 15


Default projects (e.g. projects created on particular customers)


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