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Sending automatic message to segments of customers who fulfill specific contidion or not

In Synerise you can easily create offer and advertising tailored to a specific group of customers and target products at the right customers – it’s possible thanks to segmentation. It is technique which allows to group people in your database by their demographic, behavioural or transaction attributes. What’s interesting, you can not only create segment of customers who fulfill chosen condition but also who do not fulfill it, eg. you can find group of people who:

  • bought something during last year or who not
  • visit particular subpage or who not
  • are from particular city or who are not, etc.


  • it increase customer loyalty – you will understand their needs and send them appropriate messages, so you will be more trustworthy
  • it gives you a great chance to increase the profits of the industry – dedicated message is less annoying so it convinces to purchase more efficiently
  • it optimize messages’s results – indicators like OR, CTR will increase; it is simply result of growing trust in your brand and product
  • you will be able to activate in-active customers, because you can find eg. customers who didn’t visit your website for long time or who did

Synerise solution

To create segment of customers who fulfill chosen condition or who do not fulfill it go to the Segmentation in the Settings section. When you choose particular condition, eg. email opened, Synerise by default will find customers who match it. If you want to create a segment of people who haven’t opened your campaign, set in the bottom right corner “Clients not matching above condition”.



In Automation section you will find the marketing automation workflow wizard. Triger is something that starts journeys, it can be eg. particular segment. So now, if you create segment of people who fulfill chosen condition or not, you can prepare for them automatic message – SMS, email, push, beacon notification. Go to the Automation module to create customer journey – just drag a preferred symbol from right menu and drop it in the left part of Automation window. Click it twice to add specific conditions. Next just click on the arrow next to selected symbol and connect it with another one to define a relation between two elements.


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