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Sending automatic messages after specific activity in customer’s history

Today’s customers increasingly expect offers which match their personal preferences. Messages adapted to their expectations and needs, combined with the mechanism of automation greatly enhance marketing effectiveness. Sending automated messages based on customer’s activities will help you focus on your customers – attracting new and building stronger relationships with existing ones.


  • it increase customers’ loyalty – you will understand their needs and send them appropriate messages, so you will be more trustworthy
  • it optimize messages’s results – indicators like OR, CTR will increase; it is simply result of growing trust in your brand and product
  • you will be able to create and send messages to specifically targeted members of your customer base, providing them interesting and personalized content

Synerise solution

In Synerise Automation module you can design customers journey. During the journey, customers can have contact with your company and/or product at various touch points and perform different actions. All customers activities in Synerise are described as events, it can be:

  • page visit
  • visit location
  • form submitted
  • purchase
  • gaining scoring points
  • adding product to cart
  • adding to segment
  • adding tag
  • checking email status

Synerise analyses them and if a desired event occurs it can automatically performs the specific action, eg. send automatic messages, such as:

  • email
  • push
  • SMS
  • coupon
  • dynamic content

To send automatic messages after specific activity in customer’s history you have to set the automation scenario in Automation module. To create automation scenarios (called customer journeys) you need to drag and drop chosen trigger, conditions and actions from the right menu, and connect them with arrows.


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