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Sending Beacon hints about promotions in offline stores

Beacon is a transmitter which is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy  (BLE) that can be used to deliver proximity-based, context-aware messages. If you implement beacons in your local stores, you can send beacon hints to customers who currently visit one of them. It’s a great way to attract their attention with promotion.

Beacon ranges

While preparing beacon campaingn it is possible to select beacon range – it is area where beacon has to be active. In Synerise there are some default beacon ranges:

  • when customer enters region,
  • when customer leaves region,
  • when customer comes in range:
    • close (approx. 1,5m),
    • average (1,5 – 15m),
    • far (more than 15 m).

Thanks to possibility of using different ranges, beacons are great tool to set promotions for customers. You can decide if you want to send beacon hints to people who pass by your store, enter it or get to special part of the store.


  • with beacons you are able to send personalised messages connected with the place in your store where your customer actually is and engage customers offline
  • your promotion will be more accurate and your customer will be more willing to make a purchase

Synerise solution

To prepare your campaign with beacon hints about promotion in offline store go to the Campaign module and choose Beacon Hints from the left menu.

beacon 1

Enter basic information connected with your campaign. Select wether its draft or new (remember that only campaigns with New Status can be run). Enter name of your beacon hint – it won’t be seen by customers but simply differentiate campaigns on the list. Next write your message.

beacon 2

Next choose from the drop down list what has to happen after clicking your notification:

beacon 3

Then select when your hint has to be opened: when somebody enters beacon region, leave it or comes in range.

beacon 4

In the last window set shipping details. Set its Start and End date, choose for how long it has to be displayed on the smartphone, set how many times one customer has to see your message. In the last step choose your recipients – it can be all customers or special group – smart list, segment or people with particular tag.


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