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Sort and filter tasks by responsible person, date, deadline, tag, status etc.

In TASK module you can sort or filter data.

Sort – it means set the tasks in order.
For example if you sort data by name – on the list you will find all tasks in alphabetical order.

Filter – it means displaying only this tasks which meet the specified condition.
For example, when you filter by status and you choose “to do”, on the list you can find only tasks with this status.


  • you can quickly find specific task
  • you can group them automatically and quickly
  • thanks to this functionality you can check if anyone from your team is overloaded, or need more work

Synerise solution

To sort the data you should click the icon “sort” and choose one of the options.

In Synerise you can sort by:

  • priority
  • status
  • sprint
  • name
  • person who created the task
  • assigned user
  • date of update
  • date of creation

zał 14 a

Choose one of them – list of sorted tasks will be visible below.

In Synerise you can filter tasks by:

  • all active tasks
  • all tasks
  • not assigned
  • active by priority desc
  • group by assigned user
  • group by client

Choose one of them, and you will find filtered list below.

zał 14 b

Additionally, you can create our own filter. To do this click “temporary filter”. Then, you can choose specific data to create your individual filter. f.e. you can filter tasks assigned to YOU with high or normal priority with TAG “E-commerce”.

zał. 14

Then click “apply” and in pop-up box create the name for your new filter.

zał. 14 c

Next time you will visit Task module in Synerise you will find only tasks filtered by features choosen by you. You can change the setting everytime by choosing different filter.

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