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Testing email sending

With Synerise you can easily test your email campaigns before official shipping – it’s really important, because it can protect you from sending incorrect campaign.


you will be able to correct mistakes before your customers get your message, such as:

  • incorrect links,
  • misspellings,
  • wrong alts,
  • errors in dynamic content,
  • mistakes in HTML code,
  • you will get to know if your email get to spam (and fix it if they are),
  • you will get to know if your message is correctly displayed in different inboxes.

Synerise solution

You can test your campaign straight from the Campaign module. To create your campaign, you have to go through 5 steps (see more). One of them is Parameters&Tests, a step dedicated to testing your mailing. Start testing by inserting chosen e-mail adresses into the blank space. You can add multiple adresses, just separate them with enter key. To send test messages, press Send test email button. This will also save your campaign as draft.

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