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Tracking customer’s behavior in the local stores (Bluetooth)

Synerise can track customers in offline stores through Bluetooth. It is possible if you have implemented beacons. If your customer has your  mobile applications – can get personalized messages. If your customers have active Bluetooth mode, application can get beacon’s signals. In this way, you can send special promotions, discounts or different messages.

Beacons are low-cost, low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE (also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) that can be used to deliver proximity-based, context-aware messages. They are perfect for detecting smartphones indoors, where GPS isn’t always effective, and sending alerts and data to apps on those devices. Also while GPS operates at a macro range, beacons work at micro range, giving you an opportunity to interact with customers not only at a store level but also target narrowly at an aisle or a fixture level. In terms of range, beacons function in the interim of NFC (too narrow) and GPS (too broad) ranges, and that is what makes it more effective than the other two. It’s the first proximity technology that is supported by all major mobile platforms. Apart from being inexpensive, they have a battery life of approximately two years and being low-energy, they don’t even eat into a user’s phone battery.

There are three values that you need to know to add  new beacon in Synerise.

  • UUID – standard identifying system which allows a ‘unique’ number to be generated for a device
  • Minor – values are intended to identify and distinguish an individual – for example distinguishing individual beacons within a group of beacons assigned a major value (integer values between 0 and 65535)
  • Major – values are intended to identify and distinguish a group – for example all beacons in on a certain floor or room in your venue could be assigned a unique major value  (integer values between 0 and 65535)

These values are usually preset before your Beacons are shipped.  The UUID for all your iBeacons will be the same value, and the Major and Minor values will vary for each Beacon.  You can request these values to be set to your own values as part of the order process.  You can also change these values by using  iOS or Android Administration App.


Thanks to Synerise you can collect many important statistics for your business, which can help you making strategic decisions:

  • statistics about visits in the local stores
  • number of unique customers in certain location
  • number of new and recurring customers
  • the average time of visit

Moreover, you can prepare advanced mechanisms of customer’s journey – and send messages which can lead your customer to the specific point or send him personalized messages connected with the place in your store where he or she actually is.

Synerise solution

You can find data from offline stores in few modules in Synerise:

  • in DASHBOARD – Live stream – here you can see real-time data from offline store (visits, purchased products, PUSH messages etc.)
  • in DASHBOARD – Commerce – here you can find transactional data divided into sources of transactions (online and offline shopping)
  • in INSIGHT – Point of Sale – there are statistics and all data from your local stores

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