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Tracking customer’s behavior in the local stores (POS)

Synerise can track cistomer’s transactions online and offline in the local stores. If your customer has bought something in the offline store the transaction can be visible in real time in Synerise Live stream and in statistics panel. If you integrate your POS with Synerise you can get access to many important data. You will get an insight into all transactional data (online and offline) and all information about customers visited your local store.


Thanks to Synerise you can collect many important statistics for your business, which can help you making strategic decisions:

  • statistics about the number of transactions in the local stores
  • number of new and recurring offline customers
  • ability to check what products drew ccustomer’s attention
  • ability to check what is the correlation between the weather and number of transactions in the local store

Thanks to integrations data from POS with data from Bluetooth and WiFi you can additionally get information about:

  • statistics about visits in the local stores
  • number of unique customers in the certain location
  • the average time of visit
  • how many time customer who bought a product had spent in the offline store before the purchase
  • moreover, you can prepare advanced mechanisms of customer’s journey – and send messages which can lead your customer to the specific point or send him personalized messages connected with the place in your store where he or she actually is

Synerise solution

You can find data from offline stores in few modules in Synerise:

  • in DASHBOARD – Live stream – here you can see real-time data from offline store (visits, purchased products, PUSH messages etc.)
  • in DASHBOARD – Commerce – here you can find transactional data divided into sources of transactions (online and offline shopping)
  • in INSIGHT – Point of Sale – there are statistics and all data from your local stores

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