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Types of Dynamic Segmentation

Segmentation is the technique can we used to enable a business to better target products at the right customers. Thanks to this feature you can group customers by their behaviour, personal data or any other event they generated.

There is a lot of possibilities to create segments in Synerise. You can segment your customers by demographic, geographic and behavioral criteria.

You can create a segment either from CRM List or Settings. After clicking Create a news segment the segment editor will open. Every segment has to have a unique name and at least one condition. Conditions within a segment can use OR or AND logical operators, you can’t mix different operators between conditions in the same segment.


  • It allows you to create more sophisticated campaigns – with AND operator you can select very narrow group of people from your customer base and hence send them more personalised offer.
  • It increase customer loyalty – you will understand their needs and send them appropriate messages so you will be more trustworthy.
  • It will save your time – you create your segments once and it’s updated automatically.
  • It will increase your profits – personalisation allows to prepare more efficiently advertisement.

Synerise solution

  • In Synerise when you want to create multiple segment you only need to choose right conditions and select appropriate button which will connect them. In Synerise All conditions = AND operator, At least one of the conditions = OR operator. AND is set by default.image05
  • AND (conjunction) – is used to create segment which contains several complementary conditions; all of them have to be fulfilled to match this segment;
    OR (disjunction) – is used to create segment that contains several alternative conditions and at least one of them has to be fulfilled to match this segment.



  • Customer Data
    Creates a segment based on customer’s personal data: firstname, lastname, address but also device type and custom data. You can select if condition should equal, contain, start or end with chosen value
  • Page visit
    Select customers who enter any of your tracked pages, any page at a specific track domain or a specific page with or without the query string. Why distinguish between pages with and without query? Imagine you want to see how many customers visit and how many of them
    visit it from a specific campaign
  • Page visit by referral
    Look up for customers who visited your page from a specific referral: domain, URL with the query  or without.
  • Email actions
    Find customers who performed a specific action in a specific or any campaign.
  • Location visits
    Create a segment of customers who visited your location. To use this feature you need to have beacon and mobile app integration.
  • SMS actions
    Similar to Email actions, will create a segment based on a specific action in a specific or any SMS campaign.
  • Push message actions
    As in the case above. You need to have mobile app integration.
  • Marketing agreement
    Check whether customer’s marketing agreement for receiving newsletters, SMS or push messages is enabled.
  • Product purchase in category
    Select customers who made the purchase in a selected product category.
  • Product purchase
    Group customers by any or specific product purchase.
  • Product purchase in price range
    Similar to other product purchase condition this will show you customers who bought any or specific product but within a selected price.
  • Transaction within a price range
    Shows customers who made a transaction for a specific total amount.
  • Mobile application use
    This condition needs integration with a mobile app. It will create a segment of customers who opened any or specific screen in your mobile app.

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