Loyalty Suite

Engage existing customers by building a dedicated loyalty programs.

Customer Loyalty Platform - Synerise

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core features

Manage customer data

AI-driven promotions

Create personalized promotions thanks to an easy-to-use builder equipped with rules-oriented advanced analytics.


Design any gamification model you can come up with thanks to unique rewards that engage your customer even more.

Earn & Burn

Create flexible rules for collecting and spending points on promotions, including points to produce exchange or custom discounts for specific segments.

Mobile SDK pre-made components

Save time on integration by using pre-made mobile components and a whole range of API capabilities.

Unified 360 customer data

Understand your customers better with a 360 unified customer profile that tracks and stores historical behavior, including product views, purchases and marketing communication.

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Selected features

  • Release-less backend tools

    Take matters into your own hands - you no longer need to hire developers to be able to react and manage content inside the mobile app in real time (without implementing a new version in the app store).

  • Two way API connection

    Almost unlimited capabilities allow you to connect any data you need to the platform or send it directly to your existing systems.

  • Personalized promotions

    Deliver personalized coupons for each customer based on their behavior, promotional sets or products in cart.

  • Flexible imports and exports

    Import any historical data directly to heterogenic real-time database in a few clicks.

  • Custom attributes

    Use customer attributes you already have or create completely new ones for better data and client management.

  • Advanced performance measurement

    Fully configurable and responsive reporting options containing pre-made templates suitable for the most important KPI’s.

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Success story

Building better customer experience and growth in e-commerce

Synerise cooperates with Orange Polska, the market leader in mobile telecommunications, internet and data transmission, by supporting their digital transformation and providing customers with the best experience of using modern technologies. Synerise solutions help Orange acquire and retain satisfied customers, driving an increase in the share of digital channels in overall sales.

    +75%dynamic content conversions
    +100%inApp/simple push conversions
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