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Store all your customer data in one place - break the team silos and help all departments work together. 

Understand <br />each person

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Use enhanced segmentation for better results.

  • tags for refined targeting
  • behavioral and purchase histories deepen personalization
  • create more details customer profiles

Customer Data Platform

Use CRM for total control of the customer journey.  

  • all demographic, transactional and behavioral data in once place
  • faster, easier creation of customer segments in real time based on updated information
  • use better targeting to specific customer segments


360-degree customer overview

360-degree customers profiles for all of their activities

  • updated dynamically and assigned to appropriate segments in real time
  • tags, attributes and scoring
  • placement of customers in multiple segments


RFM analysis

Your businesses's Recency, Frequency, Monetary analysis simple as never before.

  • create segments more easily
  • send targeted messages to customers according to their position on conversion path