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Data Orchestration and Governance

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Scheduled integrations

Import makes it easy to schedule your imports to run automatically, on a pre-defined schedule. Scheduled integrations can be run per seconds, minutes and on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis

Multiple source imports

Fast processing power allows for speedy imports of large amounts of data in seconds from files and API in the most popular data formats

  • push - continuous import (webhooks)
  • pull - data stored in specific location (SFTP or HTTP/API)
  • file upload - data in plain documents (csv, json, xml)

Business Oriented Integration Scenarios

Use simple integration for any kind of your organization data, such as:

  • customers
  • transactions
  • product feeds
  • promotions

Event Streams Management

Event Streams Architecture is a high-throughput message bus built with Apache Kafka and Synerise Terrarium DB, optimized for event ingestion into platform and event stream distribution between your services and applications. You can simply manage schemaless data frame by:

  • adding, editing, deleting properties and sub-parameters
  • overwriting names and original values
  • deciding about visibility for analytics purposes

Import management

Easy control status of data import process via: 

  • progress level
  • audit logs
  • transformations and data manipulation effect