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Behavioral AI-Driven Search Engine

Speed up search and discovery experiences across any device and platform and help customers find what they are searching

  • Advanced rankings and formulas
  • Powerful and customizable attributes
  • Built-in personalization engine
  • Query rules management
  • Powerful search analytics
  • Codeless easy integration and search API
  • Platform and device agnostic

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Product & Content Recommendations

Provide Smart Suggestions Based On What Shoppers Like and how they behave At Every Step. Built Your own recommendations enignes based on customer data updated in real time.

  • Multiple recommendation types (AI powered, heuristics based)
  • Proven revenue generation capabilities
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Complex filtering and sorting possibilities
  • No coding required
  • Instant deployment
  • Testing capabilities on production environment
  • State of the art AI, best in-class
  • Easy to integrate
  • Device and industry agnostic
  • Available from API and SDK

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Attribution Analysis

Understand better and monitor perfomance of certain channels across the customer journey for every campaing. Analyze and compare performance of different channels in order to design and implement accurate and efficient omnichannel campaigns.

  • Machine learning and heuristics based attribution models
  • Results presented in multiple dimensions
  • Multi-channel grouping
  • Chart analytics
  • Two outcome metrics (revenue and conversions)
  • Easy to compare results
  • Unlimited number of touchpoints in the customer journey
  • Path length as long as 90 days
  • No need of extra data sources.
  • Extensive API coverage

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Churn analytics

Find out why your clients left or are about to leave in the near future. Discover features that have the greatest impact on churn likelihood. Based on these findings combined with precise churn scores for the specific customer, prepare accurate marketing actions. Ultimately execute the right communication at the right time in the right channel. All of these within the one platform. Synerise.  

  • Advanced all-in-one churn analytics
  • Churn predictions
  • Leading indicators of churn events
  • Evaluation of features' interdependencies
  • Discovering behavioral patterns of your clients
  • Direct connection to the CRM
  • Readiness to execute communication towards clients
  • Employing all available data sources
  • Seamless integration and API readiness

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Personalized promotions

Personalized promotions are an excellent solution for customers who want to enhance the effectiveness of promotions with AI engine. Using all of the promotion sets uploaded to or defined within the Synerise application, the system generates a personalized set of promotions available for users matching their individual preferences.

  • Employment of state of the art AI personalization models
  • Optimizing many business metrics (incl. increasing loyalty, stock management, client engagement, revenue boosting)
  • Applicable at many different points of distribution
  • Unveiling full customer potential
  • Perfect tool for increasing your customers’ loyalty
  • Easy implementation
  • Multi-context promotion attribution (i.e. stores, locations, clients, time)

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