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Hyper Personalization Engine

Reimagine your way of understanding customers better by personalizing each step of their shopping journey.

Hyper Personalization - Synerise

Trusted by the most disruptive companies

core features

Customize literally every experience

Personalized product recommendations

Provide intelligent and tailored recommendations based on customer preferences and behavior at every step of the customer journey.

Visual recommendations

Help your customers choose the best possible alternative by displaying all visually similar products.

Personalized behavioral search engine

Show clients what they are looking for with accelerated search across any device and platform.

Visual search engine

Give a hand to your customers and let them find what they want by enabling them to upload graphics and search by images.

Cross-sell and up-sell recommendations

Get measurable results: increase sales, get higher profits and bring more customer value.

Blurred imagePersonalized product recommendations
Blurred imageVisual recommendations
Blurred imagePersonalized behavioral search engine
Blurred imageVisual search engine
Blurred imageCross-sell and up-sell recommendations
Blurred imagePersonalized product recommendation - Synerise

Selected features

  • Content recommendations

    Use customer historical behavior to display ultra-personalized content.

  • Listing personalization

    Personalize category and brand listings with client-tailored recommendations, enhancing their visibility across the entire store.

  • Automated A/B testing

    Increase the most important KPI’s with automated product selection based on user behavior and purchase histories.

  • Personalized promotions

    Deliver personalized coupons for each customer based on their behavior, promotional sets or products in cart.

  • In-app product recommendations

    Personalize content selection within your mobile app by using an intuitve widget creator for iOS and Android.

  • Multi-channel recommendations

    Use multiple communication channels to meet customer needs with hyper-customized messages.

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Success story

Scandinavian design driven by AI

Duka is a premium brand in the segment of sales of kitchen and gift products used the potential of the Synerise platform to improve key indicators in digital customer communication channels. The first sales increases were visible just 24 hours after implementation. Here’s a closer look at the results of AI recommendations in the DUKA online store and how they help the brand gain and retain customers.

    10%increase in online revenues from recommendations
    63%increase in conversion rate in email campaigns year on year 
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