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Marketing is predictable!

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Everyday while using the Internet we generate enormous amounts of data about us, our interests and our ways of spending free time. In turn, marketing departments compete with each other in order to reach us with messages about their product – often not fully aware of our preferences or shopping habits.

Synerise, a technology company from Krakow, has created a tool that responds to the needs of modern marketers and managers. Their solution allows for a complete analysis of our behaviors – not only in the virtual world, but also in real one. For almost three years, Synerise has established cooperation with major companies. On January 13, Synerise at the headquarters of its business partner – Microsoft – together with Deloitte and Orange, organized the global premier of the solution which starts its expansion on international markets now.

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Nearly 180 people participating the conference wanted to learn about the opportunities offered by the Krakow-based company. The event was opened by Ronald Binkofski, General Manager Microsoft, and later on Jarosław Królewski, Managing Director Synerise, presented the key functionalities of their solution. Using the system in real time he could, for instance, indicate by name which guest visited their website that day or what mobile phone brand they have.

Our goal was to create a universal system which analyzes different behaviours we make every day on the Internet: entrance to the online store page, registration, click on the photo on the mobile app and off-line while shopping in local stores. We work on this data using the latest technologies. Synerise is aimed not only at large companies, but also for the small ones who want to use the available functionalities to develop their businesses. We want to change the customer experience with modern brands and respect their privacy at the same time – says Królewski.

The special guest of the event was the Deputy Minister Jerzy Kwieciński who emphasized the value of developing the innovative products for the economy.

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The event was finely complemented by the presentation of Professor Grzegorz Nalepa from AGH who is also the President of the Association of the Artificial Intelligence. His lecture on the use of the artificial intelligence in business introduced the participants to the subject of the application of algorithms for even more accurate analysis of the data available on the Internet.

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Those interested in the new approach to the so-called “managing of the customer experience” could hear what the invited guests and Synerise partners say about it. Precise knowledge about customers, personalization and the ability to react in real time is the future of effective communication between the company and their customers.

Today’s marketing world requires that we possess the skills to collect and analyze information about our customers, and especially about what they need at any given time. And then, on the basis of the collected data we have to learn to anticipate their needs – and, in this area, Synerise is what works best, explains Synerise CEO.

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Marketing is predictable!
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