Carrefour cooperates with Synerise to expand its omnichannel activities and offer 1 to 1 personalization

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Carrefour Poland is expanding sales using an omnichannel model by implementing artificial intelligence solutions in its digital channels and physical stores. The investment in new technologies will allow the network to tailor their offer to the individual customers, which will improve the consumer experience by increasing the comfort, speed and convenience of the entire purchasing process.

Carrefour Poland focuses on using modern technologies and strengthening its position as a leader in the use of technology. The strategy of omnichannel and digital transformation adopted in 2017 has resulted in the implementation of innovative projects, services and products that respond to the changing expectations and habits of modern consumers.

Currently, Carrefour is introducing personalization in its sales channels solutions based on AI algorithms that allow to learn the shopping preferences of our customers and on this basis to tailor our commercial offer to each of the recipients separately. This translates into a number of conveniences in the purchasing process that will benefit e-commerce customers, stationary stores, as well as users of the ‘My Carrefour’ mobile application.

Michał Sacha, Marketing, Digital, IT, E-commerce and Financial Services Director, Carrefour Poland

Thanks to this AI technology and personalization, the customer's shopping path becomes simpler, faster and more intuitive. E-commerce customers receive product suggestions that they may be interested in, tailored to their individual preferences based on, for example, their purchase history or on products added to their cart. Also, e-commerce search engines and mobile applications help in more efficiently finding products that the customer may be interested in. In addition, users of the mobile application receive personalized discount coupons and matching promotional leaflets. Users of loyalty program cards will also benefit from personalization by receiving discounts that will be prepared individually.

The introduction of artificial intelligence solutions is the result of cooperation between Carrefour and Synerise, one of the fastest growing technology companies in this market. Under the terms of the partnership, Synerise technology will be used, among others, to create a full client profile, conduct Big Data analysis and personalize communication and promotional activities.

We are very happy to cooperate with a client that is open to innovation, like Carrefour. We want to work in each sector with a leader with whom we create standards, and then scale dynamically to new markets.

Jarosław Królewski, CEO, Synerise

Carrefour and Synerise will also work on innovations for the entire retail sector.

About Synerise

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