How to start using Artificial Intelligence in seven days

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The evolution of Artificial Intelligence - from buzzword to reality - is gaining momentum. More and more software vendors are developing new solutions based on machine learning and algorithms, and plenty of companies has started the implementation already. However, there are still significant bottlenecks which decision makers are afraid of. Long go-to-market time and expensive maintenance costs are only two of them. Synerise’s Remi Wojtczak has an answer for these fears which will be presented on AI Everything event at Dubai on April 30th.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can boost crucial KPIs in every industry, from e-commerce and retail, through financial and telecoms, as well as automotive. Key stakeholders of various companies around the world will seek new opportunities of growth through AI during AI Everything fairs and conference, organized by Dubai World Trade Center.

Dozens of exhibitors will showcase solutions created to optimize processes on many fields of the modern business landscape. Synerise will present its solutions as well. Attendees can find company representatives in booth AIE-097 and listen to keynote during free-to-attend session on April 30th at 1PM as part of AI Labs path. Remi Wojtczak, company’s Business Development Director for Middle East will focus on resolving key challenges the market must face when it comes to AI-based solutions deployment.

The market of AI-driven solutions is growing rapidly and the demand for quality tools is huge, but many businesses are still afraid of long implementation and high integration costs. As customer-oriented vendor we've build our AI Growth Cloud to be as quickly and smoothly deployed like no other solution and during AI Everything I will show attendees how to quickly gain competitive advantages thanks to the algorithms.

The event is also a great chance for us to meet people that really have a challenging puzzle to solve. It's a perfect scenario for Synerise team, we'd love to work together on client success - said Remi Wojtczak, Middle East Business Development Director, Synerise.

Synerise provides an "AI Growth Cloud", a platform based on AI that automates business processes, increases customer loyalty and boosts revenues. First outcomes can be achieved in less than 7 days thanks to easy-to-implement development strategy and a team of dedicated customer success experts.

The Synerise AI Growth Cloud is based on a proprietary AI engine. It processes more than 120 million interactions between brands and their customers every day and the platform can support 500,000 queries per minute. This kind of volume presents challenges that test the performance of databases and their availability. No commercial solutions with the capability of meeting such high standards were available on the market, which is why the Synerise team decided to create a database that turned out to be 10x faster than other similar solutions and several times less expensive.

About Synerise

  1. Quoating Satya Nadella - CEO of Microsoft: "We are able to track every event, across every channel, for the customer - whether it's mobile, it's web, it's retail, physical presence. All of that is signal that's being continuously collected, processed, and then in turn AI is being applied, worklows are being applied to drive the experience". 
  2. We want to bridge the gap between modern customer expectations and the technological capabilities of companies.
  3. Synerise is an AI-based ecosystem that redefines our approach to data management, helping you to better understand your customers, more accurately identify key sources of business growth and use one common mechanism that drives and improves processes inside and outside of the company.
  4. Platform orchestrates sales, marketing, advanced analytics, product, price and supplier collaboration management activities in real time, for organizations of all sizes. No guessing, but reliance on metrics and science allows to achieve market advantage and enables revenue growth through more efficient use of data in business
  5. Synerise's offer is directed to the international market, for customer-oriented (customer-obsessed) enterprises.
  6. It helps you to start learning from the best modern market tactics and then to create your own, because Synerise means unlimited possibilities.
  7. Subjectivity of the decision-making process should be removed from effective business. Technology allows us to achieve goals with mathematical certainty, a "data-focused" attitude and as part of objective science.
  8. The ennoblement of "unbiased" technology and advanced data analysis procedures through the development of science, in which subsequent marketing superstitions are disproved and the popularity of behavioral economics that criticizes the belief in the rationality of people (and business leaders).
  9. Real-time data processing, an artificial intelligence-based ecosystem and an ever-evolving approach offers many ready-to-implement solutions giving unprecedented opportunities for business growth leaving the competition far behind.
  10. By choosing Synerise you get the promise of constant growth thanks to the flexibility of the platform and its openness, allowing it to adapt to your needs. The possibilities of the Synerise ecosystem will never end.
  11. We are one of the most recognizable European companies on the tech market and is known for its research and development activities in the field of Big Data and AI. We cooperate with international corporations representing various market sectors, in particular retail, finance, Telco and e-commerce as well as research and development organizations around the world.