Marcin Zaremba Named Chief Product Officer at Synerise

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Technology firm Synerise has strengthened its position in product development and UX/UI design with the addition of Marcin Zaremba. Prior to joining Synerise, he led the development and management of the iTaxi and applications. As Chief Product Officer at Synerise, he will ensure an optimal user experience for the Synerise AI Growth Cloud business platform.

Marcin Zaremba specializes in the management of digital products. He was previously the Chief Product Officer at iTaxi and Head of Product at The new Chief Product Officer at Synerise holds the Google Product Strategy Expert certificate, is also the author of the book Mobile for Managers, co-founder of the electronic magazine for investors and technology entrepreneurs Proseed, co-organizer of Aula Polska and co-founder and lecturer at the App Academy. His passion is watchmaking.

At Synerise, Marcin Zaremba will be repsonsible for the integration of product development in the context of business considerations, technology and UX consistent with the vision of the organization.

When Jarek Królewski showed me the possibilities that Synerise already offers and the plans for the company, I knew that this was the place for me. I’m extremely excited about joining a team like this and taking part in a global revolution that is being led by a company with a real vision for the future - Marcin Zaremba, Chief Product Officer at Synerise.

At Synerise, we have a holistic approach to business and we understand that success depends on many elements, just like clockwork. All you need is someone who will be able to connect them. Our AI business platform is a reflection of our character as a company, our teams and a huge investment in intellectual property. This potential needs to be targeted and focused to give users the greatest value. I believe that Marcin will bring a lot of value to Synerise. Not only does he have extensive experience, but he can also understand and connect the two worlds: business and IT. As someone with a passion for watchmaking, he will be able to bring a unique perspective that I’m sure will result in fruitful cooperation - Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise.

About Synerise

Synerise is all-in-one, ever-evolving big data platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve growth of the companies. It orchestrates sales, marketing, advanced analytics, product, price and supplier collaboration management activities in real time, for organizations of all sizes. 

It is one of the most recognizable European companies on the tech market and is known for its research and development activities in the field of Big Data and AI. It cooperates with international corporations representing various market sectors, in particular retail, finance, Telco and e-commerce as well as research and development organizations around the world.