Synerise and the Poznan University of Economics working together to offer PhD in Artificial Intelligence

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Tech company Synerise and the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy at the Poznan University of Economics (WIiGE UEP) have announced the establishment of PhD studies in Data Science in Business and Administration. This is the first such program in Poland and graduates will join the elite of professionals working on solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

The studies run by Synerise and WIiGE UEP are organized as part of the "Implementation Doctorate" program of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It aims to create conditions for the education of doctoral students in cooperation with businesses. The first semester will start in October of 2018. There will be ten positions available to candidates.

Participation in the project creates the possibility of simultaneous cooperation with a pioneering company in the field of creating solutions based on AI and a leading scientific team. Those holding Masters degrees and trained in the use of tools used in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, such as programming languages Python or R, are encouraged to apply.

Lectures will be conducted by a team of WIiGE UEP scientists from international projects for global corporations. Each PhD student will receive two tutors: one from the faculty and another from Synerise.

Doctoral candidates will be employed at Synerise, during their studies. In addition to the remuneration dependent on the position and subject of the doctoral project, they will receive a doctoral scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the amount of PLN 2,450 per month (exempt from certain taxation). The subject of the doctorate must be related to the strategy of Synerise and the PhD thesis, apart from the scientific value, should also lead to the development of a technology that will be implemented by Synerise.

Those interested in applying to the program may send their CV under the title "Application for Synerise and UEP PhD Studies".

About Synerise

Synerise is using Artificial Intelligence to completely change the modern approach to data management. Well-developed ecosystem provides the power to collect information about end customers from multiple sources, analyze that data, and reach conclusions about how to optimize business processes: all in real time.
Synerise offers its own unique, lightning-quick database, ready business solutions based on machine learning and an open platform, that can adapt to the needs of customers regardless of the industry and scale of operations.