Synerise chooses Madrid for its regional office

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Synerise announced plans for major deployments of its AI Growth Cloud in Spain and the opening of its office in Madrid. The new regional headquarters will boost the company’s market presence in the Iberian Peninsula and LATAM and strengthen its regional partnerships. The official announcement coincides with Synerise showcasing its technology at the Digital Enterprise Show 2019 (DES2019), one of the leading events on digital transformation in Europe.

Synerise, a provider of an AI Growth Platform that collects, interprets and leverages online and offline data with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve business performance of companies in consumer industries ranging from retail, ecommerce, telecommunications, consumer banking to automotive, has announced major deployments of its technology in Spain and expansionary plans in the LATAM region.

Orange Spain, the second biggest telecommunications provider on the market, has been assessing the AI Growth Platform following on from its successful deployment for Orange in other markets, including Synerise’s homeland Poland. Synerise aims at assisting Orange in digital transformation by enabling real-time, hyper-personalized customer engagement thanks to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions and advanced analytics.

Synerise’s participation in DES2019, one of the largest tech events worldwide, coincides with the launch of the company’s regional office in Madrid to be headed by Tomasz Smardzewski, a customer experience and digital transformation executive with an extended track record in working with leading brands on adopting innovative personalization technologies.


AI or not to AI… that is no longer a question for today’s brands. Spain, and more broadly the entire LATAM region has been rapidly adjusting to this new business paradigm of real-time, hyper-personalised, one-to-one customer engagement in various industries

– says Tomasz Smardzewski who also leads Senior Management Program in Digital Sales at ICEMD - ESIC Business & Marketing School.


I’m very enthusiastic about this latest episode of Synerise's international expansion. A long awaited launch of the Madrid office and its team, will not only consolidate our presence on the Spanish market with major deployments in the offering for leading Spanish retail, ecommerce and telecommunication brands.

It will also strengthen our strategic, regional partnership with Nae in Spain and the entire LATAM region where our business developments teams work hand-in-hand from Spain through Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil

– comments Krzysztof Blusz, Global Expansion Director at Synerise.


This strategic partnership of Nae and Synerise fits perfectly well with our ambitions to expand our footprint in markets and industries throughout the region both, in countries we already have a strong presence in and the new ones, including our recently launched operation in Brazil.

Responding to all the challenges of any modern brand or business via a unique combination of cutting-edge AI technologies and the state-of-the-art advisory is what makes this joint offering so attractive

– adds Cristóbal Escoda, CEO at Nae.

The Spanish-speaking world has been dynamically developing, both in the field of marketing automation and the use of advanced business analytics. The artificial intelligence market in Spain and LATAM is growing quickly. Forecasts say that in Spain alone it will bring an added value of $189 billion by 2035 (GVA, Gross Added Value). In Brazil, the figure surpasses $350 billion. The Madrid office of Synerise is the company’s second regional hub opened this year, following Dubai (UAE).

About Synerise

  1. Quoating Satya Nadella - CEO of Microsoft: "We are able to track every event, across every channel, for the customer - whether it's mobile, it's web, it's retail, physical presence. All of that is signal that's being continuously collected, processed, and then in turn AI is being applied, worklows are being applied to drive the experience". 
  2. We want to bridge the gap between modern customer expectations and the technological capabilities of companies.
  3. Synerise is an AI-based ecosystem that redefines our approach to data management, helping you to better understand your customers, more accurately identify key sources of business growth and use one common mechanism that drives and improves processes inside and outside of the company.
  4. Platform orchestrates sales, marketing, advanced analytics, product, price and supplier collaboration management activities in real time, for organizations of all sizes. No guessing, but reliance on metrics and science allows to achieve market advantage and enables revenue growth through more efficient use of data in business
  5. Synerise's offer is directed to the international market, for customer-oriented (customer-obsessed) enterprises.
  6. It helps you to start learning from the best modern market tactics and then to create your own, because Synerise means unlimited possibilities.
  7. Subjectivity of the decision-making process should be removed from effective business. Technology allows us to achieve goals with mathematical certainty, a "data-focused" attitude and as part of objective science.
  8. The ennoblement of "unbiased" technology and advanced data analysis procedures through the development of science, in which subsequent marketing superstitions are disproved and the popularity of behavioral economics that criticizes the belief in the rationality of people (and business leaders).
  9. Real-time data processing, an artificial intelligence-based ecosystem and an ever-evolving approach offers many ready-to-implement solutions giving unprecedented opportunities for business growth leaving the competition far behind.
  10. By choosing Synerise you get the promise of constant growth thanks to the flexibility of the platform and its openness, allowing it to adapt to your needs. The possibilities of the Synerise ecosystem will never end.
  11. We are one of the most recognizable European companies on the tech market and is known for its research and development activities in the field of Big Data and AI. We cooperate with international corporations representing various market sectors, in particular retail, finance, Telco and e-commerce as well as research and development organizations around the world.