Carrefour Polska allows customers to monitor traffic in their stores

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Blurred imageCarrefour Polska allows customers to monitor traffic in their stores

Carrefour Polska has implemented a new tool on its website that shows clients predicted traffic patterns in all their stores. Based on the data provided, consumers can better plan a visit to a particular store and make faster and more secure purchases. This action is part of the nationwide Carrefour campaign called "Take care of yourself, take care of others".

Carrefour values the implementation of solutions that increase comfort and safety of shopping in their stores during this difficult time. Acting with a sense of responsibility and care, Carrefour has made the possibility of checking the expected traffic in all its stores available on its website. The Traffic Meter tool is based on data collected by the Synerise platform from over 900 stores in the network in real time. Customers can easily search for their preferred Carrefour store and see how traffic looks in the location of their choice. The prediction is based on the analysis of historical data collected from each point of sale (POS). 

Providing customers with traffic data in our stores is another element of deliberate actions that aim to increase the security and convenience of Carrefour customers. We all operate in a unique situation that also requires non-standard initiatives from socially responsible companies, and technology in the service of our customer creates new opportunities. 

Michał Sacha, director of marketing, digital, IT, e-commerce and financial services at Carrefour Polska  

Traffic Meter is part of the Carrefour network campaign "Take care of yourself, take care of others", which promotes and supports responsible and safe activities. The tool was created as a result of Carrefour's cooperation with the technology company Synerise and K2 Precise. 

The project implemented for Carrefour Polska shows that by having a properly implemented omnichannel ecosystem for collecting and analyzing data in real time, companies can quickly respond to the needs of customers in a dynamically changing reality, find new ways to use their information, and at the same time improve comfort and security of services. 

Marcin Zduńczyk, Solution Architect, Synerise

Traffic forecasts for Carrefour stores can be monitored at:

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