The largest AI teaching program in Polish schools is launched

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Blurred imageThe largest AI teaching program in Polish schools is launched

The Marcin Kromer High School in Gorlice was the site of the official announcement of the start of the AI Schools & Academy program, created and sponsored by Jarosław Królewski, CEO of the Synerise technology company. Together with partners including Carrefour, CCC,, Integrated Solutions, EY, GroupOne, Media Expert, Microsoft, Orange, Oriflame, PZU and Żabka Polska, Synerise will finance the teaching of artificial intelligence in 1,500 kindergartens and public schools. Enrollment in the program is open until the end of January of 2019. Details regarding recruitment are available online.

Synerise and its partners officially launched AI Schools & Academy, a nationwide program for educating children and youth in the field of artificial intelligence. The main partners of the program are Microsoft, EY, PZU and Żabka Polska. The initiative was additionally supported by Carrefour, CCC,, GroupOne, Integrated Solutions, EY, Media Expert, Microsoft, Orange, Oriflame and OneUnity. The list of partners is still open and interested companies can contact Synerise until the end of 2018.

The first beneficiaries of the program were branches from Gorlice land, where Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise and patron of the enterprise, was born and raised:

  • Primary School in Hańczowa,
  • Agricultural School Complex in Hańczowa,
  • Municipal School Complex No. 6 in Gorlice,
  • I High School Marcin Kromer in Gorlice.

This is a special day for me, because today I'm once again here at my old high school, but not as a student, just a science enthusiast and businessman who is proud to say he has succeeded. I owe this to, among others, education in this school and the enthusiasm of the teaching staff. I know how important it is to support young people in the pursuit of goals and that is why, on behalf of Synerise, together with our excellent partners, we are launching our training program on artificial intelligence today. Together we will help to educate the citizens of tomorrow, because AI is the future.

Jarosław Królewski, CEO Synerise

The importance of young people in shaping the future was also mentioned by Karol Półtorak, Vice President of the Board of CCC, one of the partners of the AI Schools program.

We see that the future is happening today ... and we need to prepare ourselves efficiently, as a company and as a society. And it is the youngest who will bring us this future.

Karol Półtorak, Vice President of the Board of CCC

Jarosław Koziński, representative of EY, also pointed to the development of technology and stressed how important it is to think about the future of young people today.

New technologies are changing the world, and with it the employment market is also changing. Thanks to artificial intelligence, new professions will be created, and our children will perform professions that do not exist today. We are happy that we can be part of this unique curriculum, thanks to which we will help children and youth to acquire the skills necessary to perform tomorrow's professions.

Jarosław Koziński, Managing Partner at EY

Mark Loughran, CEO of Microsoft in Poland, also drew attention to the importance of teaching artificial intelligence, which may benefit everyone in the future.

At Microsoft, we believe in the power of AI technology and how it can expand our capabilities. We are very pleased that by taking part in this initiative, we can contribute to how today's children and young people will be prepared to shape our common future.

Mark Loughran, managing director Microsoft Poland

A great commitment to the AI Schools project was also expressed by Michał Mystkowski, spokesman for Media Expert.

We have been encouraging our countrymen to use innovative solutions and modern technology for years. The Media Expert network therefore gladly joins this initiative aimed at educating future specialists in the field of artificial intelligence. It is the beneficiaries of projects such as AI Schools & Academy that have a chance to create tomorrow's technology.

Michał Mystkowski, Media Expert spokesman

Szymon Mitoraj, the Chief Digital Officer of the PZU Group, mentioned how much emphasis PZU puts on new technologies, not only as part in the AI Schools project, but also developing its own innovative projects.

Being a partner of AI Schools & Academy, we care first of all for building the security of Poles in the network and the use of modern technologies in everyday life. We know that supporting schools in teaching and popularizing AI solutions is crucial for the dynamically developing Polish economy. Guided by this idea, we are developing a number of initiatives combining education with new technologies. In addition, as pioneers, we research and implement innovative solutions in serving our clients as well as in the field of road safety. This year, we will launch PZU GO: a device that will automatically call for assistance in the event of a car accident.

Szymon Mitoraj, Chief Digital Officer PZU Group

Tomasz Blicharski, the Vice President of the Management Board of Żabka Polska also expressed his support for the Synerise initiative.

Żabka focuses strongly on innovation and we are at the forefront of companies from the CEE region in terms of the level of advancement in the implementation of artificial intelligence systems. We already know that smartly implemented AI solutions are the future not only for the development of retail chains, but also for many other areas of the economy. We are proud to join the AI Schools project because we believe that thanks to it, young people will have an easier start and opportunities for great, ambitious work, and companies will gain valuable employees to further develop their technology.

Tomasz Blicharski, Vice President of the Management Board of Żabka Polska

As part of the AI Schools & Academy program, Synerise and its partners intend to finance teaching in the form of additional classes of a minimum of 10 hours per month in 1500 kindergartens and schools. These classes will allow students to develop their skills, broaden the range of interests in modern technologies and activate the teaching staff to develop their competencies.

Information on how to register a school for the program can be found at

Institutions that would like to participate in the program will receive access to a broad knowledge base, cloud computing, online courses and a targeted subsidy for starting additional classes. Classes will be conducted by teachers from institutions that have declared their willingness to participate in the program. They will be trained in online courses and paid on a monthly basis for classes.

The program will be implemented in the Open Data format, which will allow for transparent evaluation of financing and learning outcomes. Outstanding students and teachers will be rewarded with additional scholarships.

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