Synerise at CES 2018

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Blurred imageSynerise Team at CES

Going to the tech world’s biggest trade show in Vegas this year? Be sure to visit Synerise, the leading-edge marketing cloud enhanced by proprietary artificial intelligence.

Synerise is building the next-generation marketing cloud. They are able to track every event, across every channel, for the customer.


Synerise is a #1 AI Growth Cloud

It’s equipped with all the tools B2C enterprises need to successfully manage their customer relationships at scale and in real time. It combines both sophisticated customer intelligence and personalization capabilities.

Synerise enables businesses to gain insights about their customers based on interactions with them in both online and offline contexts. This includes their website, mobile app, offline stores (Bluetooth, WiFi), POS, social media, email, loyalty programs, ERP, live chat, and more. Using this wealth of data, businesses can deliver meaningful, engaging experiences and true 1:1 personalization.

Successful modern marketing requires the ability to collect and analyze lots of data about our customers, especially about their needs right now. Then, based on that data, we have to learn how to predict their future needs. Synerise is the perfect solution for this


Synerise is designed for ecommerce, retail, telecoms, financial services, insurance and other B2C sectors seeking to leverage customer data.

A few reasons why Synerise stands out

Customer Intelligence

  • Almost limitless data sources, both online & offline
  • Analytics & custom dashboards to uncover opportunities and inform new marketing strategies
  • Real-time segmentation engine to seize every opportunity at the right moment
  • Predictive customer insights to know which customers to target with specific offers (based on chances of conversion)
  • A/B/X testing & optimization for additional ROI

1:1 Omnichannel Personalization

  • Behavioral targeting using all historical data
  • Personalized ads (including RTB for incredible efficiency)
  • Dynamic web content & product recommendations
  • Personalized mobile push, web push, SMS/MMS, chat and more


Join Synerise stand at CES!