Synerise among the winners of Twitter RecSys AI Challenge 2021.

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Polish scientists and engineers have once again proved that consistent investment in their own IP in the field of artificial intelligence is gaining global recognition. This time, just behind the specialists from NIVIDIA - a company currently valued at 500 billion dollars - they were among the winners of the most prestigious competition in the world related to recommendation systems, organized by Twitter.

Recently the Polish company dominated the most prestigious and demanding events in the world of AI, gaining awards in competitions such as SIGIR Rakuten Data Challenge 2020, WSDM AI Challenge 2020, KDD Cup 2021 and Twitter RecSys Challenge 2021.

"Having won once in a global competition which involves outstanding specialists and the best AI companies in the world, it may come as a surprise when it becomes a regular trend, appreciated by the global community. This accomplishment means that the Synerise team can now take on the greatest in the world, building its own, independent technologies, proven on a mass scale. The effects of our work are not only appreciated in scientific competitions, but are also components of our platform, which already supports over 150 billion purchasing transactions yearly. In AI and Big Data, it is difficult to create an MVP. Either you have the capacity to create algorithms based on real-time traffic or you do not - the pragmatism of AI solutions is a key issue - hence our investments in our own database systems. Many companies in Poland and our part of Europe build solutions based on Western technologies, and imitate them. We wanted to build something of our own from the very beginning " - Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise.  

Twitter RecSys AI Challenge 2021 is a competition organized by international research teams and Twitter specialists. The challenge is focused on advanced tasks in the field of recommendation systems and artificial intelligence. It attracts outstanding specialists from around the world.

The task set as part of the competition during RecSys2021, organized by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), was to predict the user's reaction to a given tweet, based on the content and metadata of the tweet and a graph of historical user interactions. The probability of each of 4 possible interactions had to be predicted — like, retweet, comment and retweet with a comment.

“An additional challenge of the task was the limitations imposed on the model evaluation phase. The models had only 1 CPU core with a time limit of 24 hours for making predictions. GPU accelerators were not available in the test environment. The rules set by Twitter were aimed at eliminating solutions that require significant computing power, often too expensive for production applications." — Jacek Dąbrowski, Chief AI Officer w Synerise.

The dataset contained 1 billion tweets selected by Twitter in a manner that assumed inclusiveness and fairness. It included tweets in dozens of languages (including Japanese, Thai and Tagalog) and a diverse selection of users, from very popular authors to completely new users.

The month of June was exceptionally successful for Synerise. Together with Baidu and DeepMind, Polish scientists and engineers from Synerise were among the winners of the KDD Cup 2021. The competition, running for 24 years already, is considered by the technology industry to be one of the most prestigious AI and machine learning events in the world and is often called the World Championships in the field of artificial intelligence. Synerise defeated teams from around the world, including specialists from Intel (manufacturer of computer processors), OPPO Research Topology Lab (manufacturer of OnePlus iOppo phones) and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. is a Polish technology company that produces a Big Data and AI platform that allows users to process data in real time from various sources based on proprietary database systems, proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms as well as methods of automated execution of business scenarios for segments such as retail, banking, telecommunications and e-commerce. Synerise's clients include: CCC, Carrefour, Żabka, Orange, mBank, SharafDG.