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Synerise will invest in the teaching of artificial intelligence for 1500 kindergartens, primary schools and high schools

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Blurred imageSynerise will invest in the teaching of artificial intelligence for 1500 kindergartens, primary schools and high schools

The Polish technology company Synerise continues to promote innovation. After achieving success in the international arena, including being included by EY among the most innovative 30 technology companies in the world and victory in global Microsoft and New Europe 100 competitions, Synerise has created an innovative education program in the field of artificial intelligence, prepared jointly with partners and clients, including Microsoft.

As part of the program, the company intends to finance teaching in the form of additional classes of a minimum of 10 hours per month in 1,500 institutions. These classes will allow students to develop their skills, broaden the range of interest in modern technologies, and assist the teaching staff in developing their competencies.

Institutions that would like to participate in the program will receive access to a broad knowledge base, cloud computing, online courses and a targeted subsidy for starting additional classes. Synerise wants the classes to be conducted by teachers from institutions that have declared their willingness to participate in the program. They will be trained in online courses paid on a monthly basis for leading the classes.

The program will be implemented using the Open Data format, which allows for a transparent evaluation of financing and learning outcomes. Outstanding students and teachers will be rewarded with additional scholarships.

The official inauguration of the program will take place on December 14, 2018 at the Elementary School in Hańczowa, the Agricultural School Complex in Hańczowa, the Municipal School Complex No. 6 in Gorlice and the First High School in Gorlice. The official opening ceremony will take place in the last facility.

From the beginning of its existence, Synerise has put an emphasis on the education market and social initiatives. We have successfully co-created numerous innovative programs that are available in the form of bachelor's, engineering, master's and post-graduate studies, and this year we will add a PhD at Polish universities. We have also published numerous books in the field of emerging technologies, many of which have become bestsellers from the best Polish publishing houses.

In line with global trends, this year we will invest in three ambitious initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence (two more will be announced soon). They are extremely important to us at the mental, ideological and commercial level in this field that is so crucial to the IT sector.

The first initiative has a social character, the unique teaching curriculum we are introducing now. It is an expression of corporate social responsibility, care for the quality of our economy, as well as a reflection of the important labor market and meritocratic attitude of our partners. We want to activate teachers in disciplines like mathematics, physics or IT as well as the youngest students. We believe that there are many outstanding personalities in education who love their work and feel a mission and desire to develop in new disciplines.

We want to reach the remotest corners of the country, which is why we will launch the program symbolically in my hometown village of Hańczowa and Gorlice, together with the management staff of the largest consumer brands.

Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise

Microsoft is the cloud partner of the program.

New technologies, including AI, leave their mark on all spheres of life and transform institutions, enterprises, industries and even entire economies. We must ensure that generations of future employees, entrepreneurs and leaders are well prepared to fully and wisely leverage their potential. That is why education is crucial today for the success of the Polish economy and social well-being. At Microsoft, we believe that technology creates opportunities. Synerise, who was awarded the title of the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2018, has taken advantage of this opportunity by transforming the student project into a dynamically developing company that provides intelligent solutions for marketing and sales and competes globally. Today is the time to spark the passion for technology among students. They will determine the future of the world around us. I am glad that we can be part of this initiative. 

Mark Loughran, Microsoft's general manager in Poland

I am very happy with the support of our commercial partners, clients and the business environment that shares our initiative, which includes prominent Polish and foreign companies who have agreed to allocate part of their CSR budget to the financing of AI classes. 

added Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise

Detailed program strategies and methods along with a schedule will be presented on the day of the inauguration. A full list of commercial partners participating in the program will also be announced.

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