Synerise Team Wins the 2020 Rakuten Data Challenge!

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Blurred imageJacek Dabrowski Chief AI Officer

During the 42nd conference bringing together researchers from the field of artificial intelligence and data processing, the prestigious International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval held in Xi'an, China. Jacek Dąbrowski's team from Synerise won the annual competition organized by Rakuten Institute of Technology.

Representatives from Synerise were the only ones to present two scientific publications during the conference, approved and recommended by the conference jury during an e-commerce workshop organized by scientists from companies including Alibaba, Zalando, Amazon, Rakuten, Apple, WalMart, eBay and YouTube. The solution prepared by the Synerise team consisting of Jacek Dąbrowski, Konrad Gołuchowski, Barbara Rychalska, Dominika Basaj turned out to be the best of all submitted during the competition.

Rakuten is one of the most well-known Asian companies in the e-commerce segment in the world today, often referred to as the "Japanese Amazon", with a combined revenue of $12 billion and 14,000 employees, operating in almost 30 countries, including in the US, UK and France. It is also the main global sponsor of the FC Barcelona football club.

The Synerise team used their latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, including their proprietary EMDE algorithm, an efficient method of density estimation on differentiable manifolds in recommendation systems. This method allows scientists to represent data from unsupervised learning methods for different modalities (user interactions, text, image, audio) in a common, unified format.

“As a company, we rarely take part in competitions related to our technical specialization. However, we take on those challenges which, in our opinion, are able to effectively change the paradigms within artificial intelligence and revolutionize its dissemination. We are very proud of this recognition, but we’re even more proud of the opportunity to present Polish technological thought in an international arena. I am glad that Poland has its representatives in such an important group, and we do not limit ourselves only to being a subcontractor of larger brands. We’re leading the way not only in observing the reality happening around us, but in making a real contribution to science and in the process of creating it.” - Jacek Dąbrowski - Chief Artifical Intelligence Officer at Synerise.

Synerise is currently one of the most famous and innovative Polish companies operating in high technology sectors crucial to the economy, such as big data and artificial intelligence. The company boldly invests in its own data processing products and artificial intelligence solutions. Synerise’s customers are well-known and innovative brands operating in Poland and around the world. The company has been recognized in many prestigious competitions, including by EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs as one of the 30 most promising high tech companies in the world, and in annual global competitions by Microsoft. Synerise is known for strong cooperation with scientists from numerous Polish and foreign universities. The president of Synerise is Jarosław Królewski, co-owner and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Wisła Kraków, lecturer and graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

SIGIR is one of the most prestigious conferences in the world and is at the forefront of events in the field of information processing systems. The history of the conference dates back to 1978.


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