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Provide Smart Suggestions Based On What Shoppers Like and how they behave At Every Step. Built Your own recommendations enignes based on customer data updated in real time.

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How to attract the perfect customer?
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Features Overview

Discover Product & Content Recommendations main list

Similar recommendations

Product oriented type of recommendations extending your customers’ product awareness and enhancing willingness to buy certain product alternatives.

  • Best suited for product pages
  • Increasing offer coverage
  • Self-learning

Visual recommendation

Discovery of similarities across your product sets gives your company a unique chance to make them more appealing for appereance - aware customers. Best suited for fashion industry.

  • Discovery of visual similarities between your products
  • Self learning from any new products or interactions
  • No need of manual reviews or decisions
  • Product context recommendations

Cart recommendations

Having context of your customers’ cart ingredients is undoubtedly meaningful for preparing cross-sell offers, but its full potential unveils only combined with collected and AI analyzed behavioral patterns.

  • Best suited for clients’ cart
  • Self improving
  • Analyzing behavioral patterns
  • Cross-sell enhancements

Cross-sell recommendations

  • Up-sell rate improvements
  • Increasing average order value
  • Enhancing product coverage

Heuristic recommendations

Some cases require to use specific solutions, for instance whenever we want to promote best selling products or to present recently viewed ones.

  • Two types (Top product, Recently viewed products)
  • Promoting bestsellers
  • Increasing client’s engagement

Personalized recommendations

Types of recommendations giving you the unique personalizing experience, taking into account all information that comes from omnichannel interactions.

  • Unique personalization experience
  • Multiple device placement possibilities
  • Self-improving

Personalized listing

Personalization of order in which product / content is diplayed on website. Best suitable for:

  • category pages
  • brand pages
  • landings

Advanced performance measurement

Analytics engine which enables measurement of KPIs:

  • CTRs
  • conversion rate
  • revenue generated
  • products bought
  • viewability ratio

Other features

List of additional features

Advanced filtering

Tailor algorithms output to allign with company goals

A/B/X testing

Test different recommendation strategies to maximize performance and customer engagement

Cold start readiness

Robust cold start mechanism which enables seamless experience also for unidentified client, users with limited / no interactions and new product arrivals

Elastic product feed

Adjustable product feed which enabled advanced filtering and boosting strategies to apply even more sophisticated use cases

Multi-channel execution

Reach your customer with personalised content using multiple channels (website, email, mobile app, push messages)