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 Behavioral AI-Driven Search Engine

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How to find the right products to se
How to attract the perfect customer?
How to reduce inefficient search results?
How to make offer special?
How to identify customer, shopper or product trends?
How to generate targeted traffic?
How to profitably retain users?
How to attract the perfect customer?
How to attract the perfect customer?
How to increase revenue?
How to better forectas demand?
Where should branches / POS be located?
How to increase volumetric sales?
How to change brand recognition?
How to find the most profitable customers?
How to boost margin value?
How to profitably increase sell-through?
How to increase the inventory turns?
How to ensure better demand forecasts?
How to generate accurate customer insight?
How to set best possible price for shopper?
How to best react to competitors' activities?

Features Overview

Discover Behavioral AI-Driven Search Engine main list

Unique personalization​ for every query​

Real-time data analyzed to deliver the most personalized experience possible.​ Personalization based on:​

  • Behavioral patterns 
  • Historical data for each customer ​
  • Transactional data

Custom search ranking​

Custom rules for adequate search results

  • Different weights for any product​
  • Your own ranking formulas​
  • Automated customization with AI algorithms

Multilingual capabilities ​

Custom languages options

  • Perfect for multinational shops​
  • Easy to manage for different teams​
  • Possibility to assign different currencies for each language

Instant search improvement based on customer behavior

Hyper search personalization based on customer behavior

  • New information for algorithms added with every new page visit or website click​
  • Real-time data processing​
  • Unique experience updated in milliseconds​

Built-in analytics​

User-friendly analytics including advanced metrics:

  • Query history ​
  • Purchase history​
  • Detailed KPI queries

Automatic spelling correction

Better chances of finding matching items with no more unsearchable queries

Query rules

Advanced search results management:​

  • Merchendising and promoting items
  • Adapting query results
  • Intuitive rules creator

Other features

List of additional features

Custom Attributes and Tags

Optimal search results with tags adjusted to your shop assortment and popular filters & filtering attributes

Query autocomplete

Quicker and easier search with instant interaction with customers reduce chances of misspelling the search phrase

"Did you mean…?" suggest

Automated suggestions with no more blank pages (understanding of human error)

Product recommendations

AI-driven recommendations built in with Unparalleled customer experience

Filter and facet-compatible

Best practices for product search interface with customized filters and facets for better search experience


Search results adapted to individual characteristics of segments, based on campaign results or customer spending