Analysis & Modeling

Understand better and monitor perfomance of certain channels across the customer journey for every campaing. Analyze and compare performance of different channels in order to design and implement accurate and efficient omnichannel campaigns.

 Attribution Analysis

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Features Overview

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State-of-the-art AI models

Variaty of most advanced AI-driven attribution models, which enables accurate  conversion credit assignmnet to marketing channels incliding touchpoints throughout entire customer journey, including:

  • Markov model
  • enhanced Shapley model
  • sales funnel model

Multidimensional analysis

Deep-dive into marketing channel performance analysis by measuring how different channels affects conversions for specific, including:

  • brand
  • product categories
  • products

Advanced channel management

Enables flexible channel management and grouping which enhance decision making process.

Model comparison tool

Intuitive tool which help you to compare output of multiple attribution models in terms of:

  • revenue
  • conversion

Transition matrix

Powerful tools which provides detailed information regarding transition probability between channels and states (conversion)

Other features

List of additional features

World class model accuracy

Highest accuracy assured by propriety models with daily weights calculation.

Full customer journey analysis

Models which truly analyse entire customer journey, with no limits regarding numbers of touchpoints in customer path for all data-driven models

Seemless integration

Integrate Synerise tracker with just few clicks and take advantage of the most advanced attribution analysis tool.