Find out why your clients left or are about to leave in the near future. Discover features that have the greatest impact on churn likelihood. Based on these findings combined with precise churn scores for the specific customer, prepare accurate marketing actions. Ultimately execute the right communication at the right time in the right channel. All of these within the one platform. Synerise.  

 Churn analytics

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Features Overview

Discover Churn analytics main list

Direct connection to the CRM

Results and insights coming from the churn analytics are ready to be used as direct inputs to any further reasoning, building specific segments and ultimately performing marketing actions.

  • Full integration with Synerise platform
  • Execution of insights in Omnichannel

Advanced all-in-one churn analytics

Digging more into features that have significant impact on churn/retention rate gives your company tremendous insights.

  • Churn predictions
  • Leading indicators of churn
  • Evaluation of features' interdependencies

Other features

List of additional features

Seamless integration and API readiness

Easy integration, no need to transform data into specific formats and API coverage enable to unleash the full potential of advanced analytics.