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The Synerise Strategybasic

Primary Market Analysis - We acquire information on the current situation and trends in the industry, as well as actions of competitors, which allows you to see which way the market is developing and what is worth investing in.

Preliminary Analysis

Initial information on the position of a given sector in the country and the world.


Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company with regard to competition and the industry.


Analysis of the political, economic, social, and technical factors affecting the company.

Competitive Analysis

Analysis of the position of the main competitors on the market and their strengths and weaknesses.

Industry trends

Information about current trends in the industry and the direction in which this industry is currently developing in the country and the world.

The basic analysis of the product

Website, portal, or e-store with recommendations - Preliminary analysis of the website in terms of its structure and general recommendations for changes.

Automation and segmentation plan

You gain an online activities strategy by implementing Synerise tools. You receive specific proposals for segments and automation to help you communicate more effectively with your customers and personalize the message. Thanks to this analysis - tailored to the your current needs – you can take full advantage of the capabilities of the Synerise system.

Price: from 1650 Euro

Additional services

Audit of loyalty programs + recommendations

Analysis of the current loyalty programs in terms of their efficiency and competitiveness. Recommendations for changes in the rules or an entirely new loyalty program. You gain a modified loyalty program that stands out from the competition programs, what in turn will increase the number of persons interested in it.

from 470 Euro

Audit of mobile application

Analysis of mobile application in terms of: the structure, element layout and content. Creation of recommendations for changes and preparing the benchmarks. Recommendations concerning a possible application integration with Synerise. You gain comprehensive recommendations regarding changes in the mobile application that will make it not only more friendly and easy to use for users, but also more innovative.

from 700 Euro

Extended audit sites and Web platforms

Analysis of the company websites for: the website structure, layout elements in the pages and their content. Creation of recommendations for changes and preparing the benchmarks. You gain comprehensive recommendations regarding changes to the site, which can increase the conversion and keep users on the site.

from 700 Euro

Export Development Plan

Analysis of the industry and market trends. Recommendations of developing markets. Analysis of each of the selected markets (PEST, SWOT, Marketing MIX). Developing a strategy to enter given markets, shortlisting of industry events, potential institutions and organizations to cooperate with. The company receives recommendations of markets in which it is worth developing in a particular industry/with the product. You gain knowledge of these markets and methods of acting on them, competition and the most effective entry strategy. You receive a shortlist of recommended partners, events, and organizations in the country.

from 700 Euro

Audit of the company’s communication and marketing activities + recommendations

Analysis of the current model of communication, marketing activities both online and offline as well as messages directed to the target groups and their relevance. Comparison of current activities with those of major competitors. Analysis of the product, price, distribution, and promotion (Marketing Mix), allowing for an increase in the effectiveness of sales and meeting customer needs. Development of recommendations for all major communvication channels. You receive information on the previous errors in its messages as well as proposals for changes in the communication model. Specific guidelines allow for better and more effective communication with your target groups.

from 820 Euro

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