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Data sources

Synerise can be integrated with a lot of tools that make it possible to get as much information about your customers as possible. You can collect data offline as easily as from online with no delays.

Web tracking

Use Synerise tracking codes, explore customer behaviour on your website and gather valuable information about them.

Among other things, you'll learn:

  • Who your website's visitors are, including demographic data like gender and geolocation
  • The frequency of their visits to your website
  • The amount of money they spend in your online store and data about the how that amount was divided into different transactions
  • The pages that get the most attention and where the most time is spent
  • The reasons for the visit - did they come to shop or just to see what’s new?
  • The length of their visits

This kind of data is crucial to the success of your online business and Synerise makes it easy to collect and use.

Mobile tracking

Don’t forget about customers who use mobile devices, who share even more information than those using a desktop.

Why is it good data source?

  • You can get info about their geolocation and use it for better context in your campaigns
  • Learn more about how much time they spend in offline stores and whether this time has an impact on purchase decisions
  • Check how often they visit a store in a given time period and explore how much money they spend using smartphones or tablets

Research tells us that global mobile data traffic will increase from 6.9 exabytes in 2016 to 30.6 exabytes in 2020. It’s time to get ready to ride this wave!


Remember, that not only the online activities of your customers are important. Many of them still prefer to shop in local stores.

This is an opportunity to collect important information like:

  • The number of customers visiting a store on a particular day or days of the month
  • The amount of money customers spent in your local stores in a given time period
  • How many returns were made and why certain products were returned more often

Information from traditional stores combined with data from modern sales channels creates a powerful tool for marketers!


These small devices, equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, can be used in your stores to deliver proximity-based, context-aware messages. It is also great source of data about customers through their ability to detect smartphones indoors.

Using beacons with application for mobile devices, gives you:

  • Monitor the number of visits to your store and compare the level to previous periods
  • Document the length of the average visit to an offline store
  • Track your customers as they move through your store and gain insights into what interests them

Dedicated applications for beacon solutions open up an entire new world of marketing possibilties.


Local wireless networks (WiFi) currently fulfill an extremely important role. The use of WiFi technology give us possibility to send push notifications.

It allows you to record events such as:

  • Number of unique visitors in particular location (your store)
  • Number of passes by - you will know how many of clients passed by your store, and didn't walk in
  • Average time that clients spent in particular place (store) and how many of them are new and how many returning clients

So, if you have possibility to use this data source, do it as soon as possible, beacouse almost 100% of smartphones can be connected to Wi-Fi and 70% of their users have WiFi enabled.


Text message campaigns are more than a medium for communicating with customers. Since all mobile and smart phones are SMS-enabled, no special application is needed. They can also be a source of data since you can learn who opened your message and when.


E-mail can be an efficient way to promote your business and stay connected with your clients if you use it to send personalized messages that contain information they might be interesed in. But e-mail is also a useful tool that gives you feedback with useful information. Gathered data reveals who opened your e-mail and when, who clicked attached link and who didn’t. This can demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaigns and give you insights on how to improve your strategy.


You can obtain data from many more systems using API: analytical tools, price comparison tools, etc. You are able to do it because Synerise may be integrated with them, but an API key is necessary for communication between Synerise and any other applications (mobile or desktop). After receiving data from those systems, Synerise will analyze it and prepare insights that you can use. There are any number of sources that can provide information that will help you to make better marketing decisions.

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