Personalized promotions are an excellent solution for customers who want to enhance the effectiveness of promotions with AI engine. Using all of the promotion sets uploaded to or defined within the Synerise application, the system generates a personalized set of promotions available for users matching their individual preferences.

 Personalized promotions

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Features Overview

Discover Personalized promotions main list

True segment-of-one personalization

Enables truly AI-driven 1-1 offer personalization and build 360-degree customer data combining multiple data sources:

  • transactions
  • page visits
  • product searches
  • external data (e.g. weather, external events)

Multiple distribution channels

Multiple distrubution channel readiness:

  • Check-in (via in-store kiosk)
  • Check-out (after sales at POS)
  • Mobile APP

Advanced engine cofiguration

Flexible engine configuration which enables tailor made strategies, including:

  • product variaty in promotion sets 
  • product popularity
  • promotion distrubution frequency
  • margin 

A/B/X testing

Engine which allows performance optimization of multiple option, including: 

  • number of promotions in set
  • distrubution freqyency 
  • recommendation engine configuration

Other features

List of additional features

Seamless integration and API readiness

Easy integration, no need to transform data into specific formats and API coverage enable to unleash the full potential of advanced analytics.

Channel specific algorithms

Recommendation engine which icludes specific context of each distrubution channel

Multiple promotion strategies

Variaty of promotion types and reward scenarios, all optimized to answer customer preferences.