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Rapidly build native, web and hybrid apps for mobile and back-end environments using the open-source Synerise SDK.


Customers: Learn how to manage customer' profiles in Synerise mobile SDK

Registration as a Service (RaaS)

Our customer registration module enables you to register a new customer and save his or her personal data in your app database, setting up a new customer profile. Also, Synerise SDK provides a loyalty card feature that enables you to add a particular customer to your loyalty program at the moment of registration.

Profile edition

In this module of our SDK, customer profiles can be modified. Provided parameters like first name, last name, email address, street address, password, zipcode, city etc. can be overwritten by new values and saved in your database.


This is where you learn how to provide your customers with ability to change an account password or to remind them of a forgotten one. See how easily you can introduce this feature in your application with our mobile SDK.

Campaigns and promotions: Campaigns, promotions and PUSH notifications - learn how to facilitate them and make them more efficient.

PUSH notifications

Learn more about PUSH notifications in Synerise mobile SDK. Find out how to receive PUSH messages sent from the Synerise system to a mobile user, learn the method of logging devices (to which you can send notifications, e.g. smartphones) or what parameters can be used to prepare more sophisticated and effective PUSH campaigns.


All the information you need about promotional features in Synerise SDK. Synerise enables to you to execute complex marketing and sales campaigns (e.g. based on segmentation). Learn how to use filters, prepare location-aware campaigns that let you seize the possibilities of location-based services in mobile devices. For example, you can prepare a campaign that will be addressed only to a particular group (segment) of customers.


This part of SDK allows to implement in your app features related to coupons management. You will be able to create new coupons and to assign them to customers. They will get the possibility to activate them and they will have access to the list of all available coupons and information as coupons’ name, description, discount value, and expire date.

Benefits for customers: Prepare the most beneficial services and offers for your customers.


This section of SDK is responsible for product management. Read more to know how to manage products: add new ones, manage categories of products, check availability in a particular location, sort products by size, category, parameter etc. You can manage your products at the application level without any other API thanks to Synerise SDK.


This part of SDK allows you to connect mobile apps with Synerise‘s location services. You can add to your application the ability to search for a particular location. You can receive GPS information that will let you inform customers about stores near them.

App personalisation

You can easy personalise the appearance of your mobile application. Thanks to Synerise mobile SDK, you can do it without changing the entire app because our SDK enables to edit blocks. Read more to learn about how to give your application a new look!

Online and offline monitoring: Complete knowledge about your customers is essential! Use Synerise mobile SDK to discover the behavioral patterns of your customers.


Learn how to manage beacons! Here you can change the parameters of beacon services and manage the process of user tracking in the physical sphere.

Customer tracking

This is where you’ll find information about our tracking features. For example, you can learn which button was clicked or which window was opened. What's more you can learn what products were viewed by mobile app and web users.

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