Refreshed Automation Interface

On 19.07.2022, we introduced a wholly refreshed Automation interface. We are thrilled about the very thought of how you can use the potential of Automation. Below you can find the list of the key changes. Remember that the changes are transparent, meaning the workflows you already created will be displayed in the new interface.

Redesigned nodes

New Automation is a well-known mechanism for building workflows but is improved to elevate your experience. We kept the existing features, added new ones, and redesigned the visual layer of the nodes.


Refreshed statistics preview

We know how important monitoring the results of the actions are for you. In the redesigned Automation module, the statistics are even more accessible. You don’t need to switch between the building mode and statistics tab. From now on, they are included directly in the nodes.


Autofill and automatic node positioning

We have resolved the issue of the preview of complex workflows. To make it easy to navigate on such expanded workflows, we added the option of auto-adapting the workflow to the screen and automatic positioning of the nodes. The first option lets you see the whole workflow with one click. The other lets you find yourself in the maze of connections by organizing the nodes on the canvas. Some of the existing workflows may need reorganization on the canvas. Use the option of auto-positioning to set them in order from scratch and then save the workflow.


Multi-selection of nodes on the canvas

Adding a new node to a complex workflow has also been simplified - we added an option that lets you select many nodes on the canvas. As a result, you can choose a large chunk of the workflow and move it to add more nodes. It’s very easy, you just need to press the Shift button, select the nodes and then move them.


Faster loading of expanded workflows

Automation speeds up to keep up with you! With the new engine responsible for the visual layer of workflows, loading the complex workflows is faster and smoother. 
Kamil Gaczoł, Product Owner