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Construction and kerning

The basic unit of measure is "X", which is equal to the height of the logotype. The logo design is composed of lines of the same thickness and rounded ends.

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Boundaries and minimum size

The basic unit of measure in the construction of the minimum protective field is "X", which is equal to the height of the logotype. Minimum size of the logo Print 2mm, Web 16px.

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Certified Partner

Protective field equal to "X", measured from the edge of the logo. The minimum height is 28px Digital, 10 mm print. All rules regarding the color scheme of the logo (page 5) and application (page 10) are the same as for the Synerise logo.

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Title construction and arrangement

Line thickness "|" dividing logotype is "1 px"digital," 1 pt "print, height" 2 X ", color G600. The text height for a generic title is equal to "10/16" of the logo height measured from the letter "I". Vertical alignment on the center. Font Graphic Regular, Kerning -5, Optical, color G600.

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Use on a white background

Two horizontal and vertical orientations are available. Used in places that require constant exposure of the section title or advertising slogan. Important: The horizontal protection field should be measured from the logotype. Scale proportionally taking into account the protection field "X".

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Use on full background

The generic title can be used on all backgrounds defined as additional in the manual and in pictures and 10 illustrations. Additional colors for the background under the generic title can be used in the range from 500 to 900 for each pallet.

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The Synerise logo may not be used in the above-mentioned cases

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Logo coloring

The leading colors are G800, for the logo on a white background. B600 and G800 are acceptable and other 5 backgrounds described in the "Additional colors" section with a value above 500.

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Dividing line

When using a generic title on a background, the color of the dividing line "|" is White, transparency set at 50%.

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